Sonntag, 17. Oktober 2010

The rain clouds slowly gather round
rain to descend
a brief glimps of light shines toward the ground
the summer ends

But the minor shine
at the time of noon
wakes the patience of mine
to wait for another few moons

autumn, winter, spring

when the birds start to sing


  1. The summer wait for another few moons... I love that line..when the birds start to sing.

  2. Enjoyed how you took the prompt and expanded the scope of the image to consider the atmosphere and its place in the time of year. Nice! thanks for linking up with us for the challenge :)

  3. love how you started this..the rain clouds slowly gather round...that creates a great atmosphere
    thanks for linking up with us!
    first post, new blog - looking forward to reading more of you

  4. Waning heat lingering before winter. Expressed beautifully. Thank you, Gay