Mittwoch, 19. Januar 2011

Words of Few

Here is my contribution to One Shot Wednesday!

I haven't written in a long time, but I'm back now! I hope you still know me! ;)

It's a little compilation: "Words of Few"


I felt free that time
Never felt that before in my life
I was like everyone else for once
But still myself
I forgot all about it, ...IT!
IT, that holds me back the most
But in that few moments...
IT was gone

The Bridge

People around me had no meaning  to me
There were a few, so I could be
But somehow I felt disconnected
From society I felt rejected

So I faded from reality
and fled into my artistical world of virtuality
Which is not a drawback
as long as you COME back

After often falling in the ditch
I lost hope of ever finding a bridge
Until there they were at the other end
reaching me a hand

I knew not that this existed
I thought my mind was twisted
But there I was in company of my own
Not anymore alone

One in a million is but one of many?

I feel empty
when the birds don't sing to me
They are far away
but still as near as can be

I can hear them fly above
They are peaceful doves
One less doesn't seem like much
Just birds and such...


  1. nice...each of these evokes something else inside is to hoping IT disappears more often..smiles. nice one shot

  2. I really like The Bridge and the fact that you used the all caps for COME back. I agree that creative breaks are ok... as long as they aren't too long. Glad you came back to One Stop. Here's mine: Rhyme Me a Smile